Proofreading means checking the grammatical mistakes in the text, as well as correcting typing errors. Typing errors are all technical mistakes, e.g. a missing space or wrong order of letters. Therefore, the proofreader's main task is to correct linguistic errors.

An editor works somewhat more thoroughly, in addition to correcting the language, they assess the logical flow, clarity and unambiguity, improve readability and stylistic mistakes. In editing translations, an editor must also compare the original and the translation, as well as correct erroneous numbers in the translation, for example. Sometimes, the original text cannot be trusted either, therefore the editor must scrutinise everything.


For editing, there are usually two important aspects to the text: technical and linguistic clarity. The technical aspect means correcting line and section breaks, alignment, spacing, hyphenation, placement of spaces etc. In correcting language, the following aspects are checked:

  • grammar:
    • capitalisation,
    • abbreviations,
    • spelling;
  • morphological synthesis;
  •  terminology;
  •  logical errors;
  •  punctuation;
  •  word order;
  •  style.

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