At Scriba Translation Agency, we offer translation for a wide range of texts: contracts, advertisements, user manuals, web pages, brochures, art exhibit introductions, yearbooks, information leaflets, documents for clinical studies, subtitles, popular science and scientific literature, product catalogues, scientific articles, scientific journals etc. Following is an overview of some text types that we commonly face.


Legal translation is probably one of the more complex specialties of non-literary translation, as the target text must be just as inambiguous as the source text, nothing can be lost in translation.

Legal translation involves translating the following legal acts:

•         acts of law;

•         regulations;

•         government's official decisions;

•         legal documents (contracts, deeds, powers of attorney etc).

We guarantee full data protection in the translation of sensitive and confidential documents. Our translators have a wide range of experience in legal translation. 


Technical translation makes up the largest proportion of the current translation market, and helps to mediate texts in the following fields:

•         manufacturing;

•         agriculture;

•         maritime affairs;

•         medicine;

•         infotechnology;

•         exact sciences;

•         environmental protection and technology;

•         construction 

•   transportation of goods etc.

It is important to keep in mind some aspects of technical translation.

The text must be:

•         unambiguous;

•         easily comprehensible;

•         as concise as possible (e.g. warnings in user manuals).

A good technical translation is born in cooperation between specialists and translators. Naturally, translators get acquainted with the field, but consult the client's specialists for the most accurate results. Working together, the linguistic and terminological aspects of the text will be of the best quality.

In translating texts about machines and programmes, it is of great help for the translator to be able to use the machine or see someone else do it. This will help imagine the actions written down and help avoid miscommunications which might end up in translation otherwise. 

Here the customer can help the translator out and introduce the specifics of their program or machine.


Scriba has extensive experiences in the translation of user manuals. We have worked with the user instructions of pumps, training devices, jet cooling systems, mobile phones, ventilation units, chemical safetu data sheets, automatic feeders, production lines etc. As these are intended for specific or even professional use, the translation of user manuals demands sufficient knowledge and skills in the field from the translator. 

We at Scriba will find a suitable specialist for your specific translation needs. Owing to the cooperation of the client's experts and our language specialists, you will get the best possible translation outcome.


Nowadays, your website is your first point of contact with clients, especially if you sell your goods and services to foreign clients as well. For that reason you need to make sure that all content on your site is (grammatically) correct, polite, in a suitable register and style. Contact us for professional website translation, and you don't have to worry about typos, unidiomatic texts and Estonglish on your website. If possible, please send us your text in Word or Excel format, this will allow us to calculate the exact price offer and required time.

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