Regular clients get better offers!

If your company needs to order translations on a regular basis and in larger volumes, we recommend you to enter into a regular client contract with. The first bonus that comes with it is lower price compared to our usual price list, and that applies to shorter as well as longer and more complicated texts. In case of large-volume translations, we may offer lower prices, especially if you notify us of your translation need as early as possible. In that way it is easier to plan our work and the translators will have enough time to delve into the subject matter.

Regular clients also have another important advantage - establishment of a correct term base and its continuous updating. Each company surely has internal specific terms which they use in their documentation and other printed material. The exact knowledge and use of these terms in translations is one of the most important aspects that the translators need to attend to. When ordering translation services as regular client, we are able to establish a term base for your company, which we shall update and develop further with each new translation. Thus, the client does not need to worry about potential errors resulting from inappropriate or wrong usage of terms.

If you are interested in entering into a regular client contract, please contract us via the contact page, email or phone. We will gladly respond to all your questions no later than in an hour.

Please join as our regular client and get lower prices…