Translation ordering

Ordering translations
1. Client sends an enquiry Client writes to us from which language into which language they require an oral or written translation. In addition, we provide several translation related services that can be ordered separately (editing, notarisation and apostilling of documents, etc.)
Agency offer
2. Translation agency makes an offer After receiving an enquiry from the client we shall respond within an hour, specifying the price and deadline of translation.
Order confirmation
3. Client confirms the order If client accepts our price quote they send us an order confirmation by email.
Completed translation
4. Completed translation Text translation is followed by styling and proofreading. Finally, a project manager goes over the entire translation. Thereafter, it will be sent to the client..

Translation agency

Translation agency Scriba

Scriba Translation Agency engineers towards opportunities that would enhance the effectiveness of the business of our clients and facilitate the achievement of established aims together.

The most frequent practice is that each translator or interpreter only translates or interprets into his/her mother tongue. For in addition to awareness and understanding of cultural nuances, each person feels most comfortable in their mother tongue. While writing in mother tongue brings out semantic connections, it cannot be said that each person is able to produce a text devoid of grammatical or spelling errors.

To introduce all services provided and explain the differences of translations of various languages, we have created separate pages which should give you an overview of the services and working methods of Scriba.

Reasonably priced

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We seek for diligent and talented persons - translators/interpreters with experience and skills, who know how to enjoy their work, are stable and open to learning new things - to join our team.

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